Dhi Hair Transplant

Dhi Hair Transplant

The DHI technique applied with the implanter pen is a direct hair transplant application, it is also called by names like the Choi pen technique and unshaven hair transplantation.

Although it is essentially based on the FUE technique, DHI hair transplantation is partially considered as a new hair transplantation technique. The biggest difference with FUE is that in DHI hair transplantation, it is not necessary to open the canal before transplanting the hair follicles. In hair transplantation performed with the DHI Choi pen technique, the grafts extracted from the donor area are transplanted directly to the recipient area.

A new generation hair transplant method that allows us to achieve natural results in hair transplantation.

DHI hair transplantation requires surgical experience and aesthetic qualifications. Medhair a clinic committed to the DHI hair transplantation technique in Istanbul between the clinical experience and the exclusive environment with a privileged place.

What is the DHI Hair Transplant technique?

DHI, with its clear expression, Direct Hair Imlplantation , is a method of hair transplantation in which the hair follicles resistant to detachment from the nape are taken one by one with an implanter pen and transplanted directly to the recipient area by hair.

dhi hair transplant

Thanks to the new methods developed to satisfy different aesthetic and technical requirements in hair transplantation, treatment alternatives are increasing. The DHI technique is the best example of this innovation and current techniques in hair transplantation. Additionally, technical advancements make hair transplantation possible for everyone, as well as capturing the trend in hair transplantation.

Dhi Hair Transplant, Sapphire as FUE Minimally invasive hair transplantation techniques with donor hair in the area can be performed even on people with weak plantings. Modern hair transplantation techniques make it possible to make the most of the donor area.

These developments play a large part in the impressive naturalness that we have achieved in hair transplantation in recent years. Methods like the DHI choi pen technique, which was developed while pursuing the dream of more frequent hair transplantation, work wonders in hair transplantation. The successful results of hair transplantation make the interest in hair transplantation increase day by day.

How is hair transplantation performed with the DHI Hair Transplant technique?

Hair transplantation with the DHI technique can be performed under local anesthesia, with or without shaving. Hair follicles extracted from the donor area are directly transplanted to the recipient area with the DHI pen.

The follicular unit taken from the donor area is placed inside the Choi needle. The hair follicles of the appropriate thickness, which are placed on needles of different diameters at an angle of 40-45 degrees, are planted one by one in the area to be combed according to the previously created planning. Choi’s needle, while pushing the hair follicle, simultaneously places the hair follicle into the channel it opened in the scalp.

choi pen

In DHI hair transplant operation, at least 2 Choi pens and an average of 10-12 different Choi tips are used. Tips and pens with different diameters are selected individually according to the thickness of the hair before the operation.

With the DHI technique, significant hair loss can be treated, as well as different hair transplant operations such as regional hair loss, forehead narrowing, hair thickening. The hair transplant method DHI technique increases the chances of a solution in hair transplantation because of these characteristics. The Choi method is preferred in planning the protective hair transplant operation in early periods of hair loss.

Advantages of DHI Method

– Implantation between existing hair for who have completed the hair loss period and over the age of 40.
•- Hair transplantation for women
•- Unshaven hair transplant
DHI Method Disadvantages
• – Limited number of grafts
•- Sparse transplant
•- More expensive than the other methods

Differences Between DHI and FUE

– DHI is advantageous for the implantation between the existing hairs without shaving. On the other hand, FUE is not in an advantageous position because it damages the existing follicles in this type of hair transplantation.

– While the maximum number of grafts is 3000~3500 with the DHI hair transplantation technique, this number makes it possible to plant 5500 or more with the FUE method.

– While the DHI method creates a disadvantage in planting with a large bald area and a big number of grafts, the FUE method can be planted with maximum density and naturalness regardless of the size of the bald area.

– When planting with the DHI method, the follicles stay outside longer and its health is adversely affected. Since the follicles transplanted with the FUE method have a shorter exposure time, a healthier planting is performed.