Stomach Surgery in Turkey

Stomach surgery  in Turkey : Stomach Surgery is a surgical method especially when patients with a weight problem are unable to achieve results with diet, sports and medication. Since the stomach will become smaller after the surgery, the patient will consume less food and less calorie and starts to lose weight. Additionally, this surgery has … Read more

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey Obesity starts by consuming more calories than an individual’s needs based on lifestyle and characteristics (age, gender, job, pregnancy status, exercising etc.). Since these calories are stored as fat in the body, the individual experiences weight gain and it is a dangerous disease that can lead to death and bring other … Read more

All You Need to Know About Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass Gastric bypass is an extremely effective excess weight loss procedure that helps resolve morbid obesity and its associated complications. However, the risk of complications is 7% and the technical procedure is quite demanding. That’s why Dr. Robert Rutledge developed the mini gastric bypass surgery in 1997. The procedure has been simplified and the risk of complications has been … Read more

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Costs, Reviews, Pros and Cons

Let’s read more about gastric sleeve, especially gastric sleeve in Turkey, and why it is a popular procedure among obese patients. If you’re reading this article right now, you must have come a long way to decide whether you want to have weight loss surgery or not, and if yes, which type suits your situation the … Read more

What Are Different Types of Bariatric Surgery?

What Are Different Types of Bariatric Surgery? In the previous section, we discussed the basics of bariatric surgery. In this chapter, we will take a look at the most preferred types of bariatric surgery. Let’s get started. Even though the cost of bariatric surgery may not initially seem reasonable for a lot of people, the long-term … Read more

Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve: Which One Is Suitable for You?

Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve Alongside the many physical and mental challenges being overweight creates, overcoming obesity is too difficult that any method practiced by obese people at some point becomes unbearable without any remained, satisfactory changes. As a result, more people are looking for permanent, practical solutions that help induce weight loss. Bariatric surgery … Read more


Obezite Tedavisi Bodrum Obezite Tedavisi Bodrum Bodrum’da Her şey dahil kilo verme Programı. Pandemi Sırasında Herkesin Güvenliği İçin Doçent Dr. Murat Urkan sağlığınızı ve güvenliğinizi önemsiyor! Hastalarımızın obezite ameliyatlarını COVID-19 bulaşma riskini en aza indirmek için aşağıda sıkı güvenlik önlemleri uygulayan Türkiye Sağlık Bakanlığı tarafından hazırlanan Pandemi olarak listelenen klinik ve hastanelerde geçirmelerini sağlıyoruz. Obezite … Read more